Four Ways to Learn More

  1. Join one of my workshops via Zoom or in person. See Tools 4 Change below.
  2. Read Here We Go Again! for a story of facing life’s changes and choices.
  3. Work through Now What Do I Do? to learn about influences on your attitude and on the options you consider. Take advantage of the thought-provoking questions and tools for making good decisions. Use the suggested tools to guide you through the decision-making process.
  4. Use the fifteen-page S.W.O.T. Analysis for Change© workbook for a faster, yet considered evaluation of your choices.

Tools 4 Change

Gain Confidence.
Diminish the Stress.
Manage to YOUR Benefit!

Via Zoom

Five 30-minute workshops via Zoom offered bi-monthly.


Four 45-minute in-person workshop sessions offered four times a year.

Your Change Master’s Qualifications:

Strategic planning facilitator, trainer, non-profit manager, and more in nearly twenty different industries through twenty-nine lifetime moves. Karen Justice, M.B.A.

HOMEWORK is involved in all sessions!

Anyone 18 or older can participate.

Workshops will adress:

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