Meet Karen

Change master.
Rambling thinker.
Innovative observer.
Chocolate Lover.

Two words that seem to always be used to describe me are energetic and enthusiastic. I will admit to having a zest for life. I find it delightful, even though it has its tough moments.

Change makes me contemplative. Moments of “Hmmm, what an interesting idea,” give me pause. I love new ideas. I find technology intriguing – and I understand about 65% of it.

I love diversity, from restaurant menus to the people I encounter. I’m an explorer of the world and ideas. There are few things I like more than travel. A few years ago, I started combining my love of travel and chocolate by taking photos of my cups of hot chocolate in various places of the world. It makes me smile.

I love to watch someone doing something they love. Whether a blacksmith, weaver, musician, boxer, or teacher, their expertise seems to give them a glow of satisfaction and pride. I have a small old collection of photographs I’ve taken of their hands at work. I really need to resume that focus.

I’m an extrovert who frequently thinks out loud, bounces ideas around and is energized by others. I also fully enjoy quiet moments beside a still lake or in the depths of a forest. We all need to recharge, to take time to contemplate, to enjoy the beauty around us.

I’m a widow, but blessed with a full and rich life of friends, family and a beau. They enjoy those contemplative moments with me and willingly join my explorations.

I live in central Maryland, yet I love spending time away from home. After seven decades, I still have a VERY long wish list of people and places to see, explore, and enjoy. The global restrictions of COVID had me chomping at the bit. Thank goodness for my family’s longevity genes and the large and diverse USA!

The world is so full of things to discover and explore. But of all the places I’ve been so far, I’d love to spend a summer in Andalusia.

You can contact me at karen@KarenJustice.US. Shall we talk about the world, or would you like to learn more about managing change and changes?