Transformative Change

When they are crushed and strained, grapes become wine. When seeds find themselves in damp, dark places, they sprout into bounty and beauty. Under pressure, minerals become diamonds. When pressed, olives produce nourishing oils.

In our human transformations, we aren’t going to sprout nutritious fruits nor soft, fragrant petals. We can’t provide the benefits of olive oil or red wine. However, we can make our transformation beneficial in other ways. From our most uncomfortable and hurtful situations, we can transform into something nourishing, beautiful and joy producing.


One of the benefits of aging is having experienced multiple transformations. Some are larger or more significant than others. Some are minor. With each of them, we can learn a lesson, gain a skill, or find ourselves in a new place physically or mentally. Those lessons and skills can be used to mentor others.


No matter what your age, think about your last transformative change. What inspired it? What caused it?  Were you able to come through with something that nourished you or others? Were your results beautiful or joy producing in some way?

My last transformative change was painful, much like the squeezing of grapes and olives, I felt the pressure. On this side of that change, however, I have more to share with others – more information and greater understanding.

My transformative change had unexpected aspects, as well. I’ve always treasured my relationships with others. Now I cherish them.  A small difference, but something that rattled me in a way.

Beautiful Places

As I write, I’m waiting for someone. Across from me, a sign has a timely message: “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful places.”

Transformations are unique for each of us. Sometimes they are difficult. I hope yours all lead to beautiful places.

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