Doors to a Bright Spot

Photo note: One of my photos of the hundred or more differently painted doors in Zona Velia (Old Town), Funchal, Madeira.

This month I’m mixing two very different practices. First, the Christian Advent Calendar with its little doors or tabs that have a surprise gift inside.  

Second, a Facebook “activity” from a few years ago encouraging participants to identify something for 100 Days of Happiness. 

When I finished my mostly completed 100 days back then, I realized that we really need to pay attention or remain aware as we pass through each day. When we don’t, we miss those moments of joy, the Bright Spots in our lives. Perhaps, during this month of celebrations, challenges, stress, joy, and the myriad of other holiday emotions, we could try to find one Bright Spot in every day.

That’s my daily objective and my challenge to all of you. Open one little door of awareness and/or observation every day. Discover something daily that silences the world and inserts a Bright Spot of happiness, love, awareness or awe into the moment or into your day.

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