Parts of our planet Earth look so fractured from 30,000’ above. As a result of millennials of change, our planet has reacted to the flow of substances, to the push and pull of movement, to heat and to ice. It’s been scoured, broken, moved, ground and layered, in some cases multi-layered. In 98% of it’s forms, it retains beauty, stillness and, in diverse ways, it retains life-giving richness.

In our decades of life, we are also subject to disruptions and changes in our existence. Our bones and our homes can get broken. We can be swept away by substances. We get moved by relocation or emotion. The layers of our bodies change. 

Change. As mortals, we experience it in a much more condensed time frame than our planet does. We don’t have thousands of years to adjust. As with the shutdowns during, Covid, we sometimes have less than a week. How do we retain our inner beauty, our stillness, our life-giving richness? 

I believe we do so in much the same always as the Earth. We maintain our core. I believe, as we respond to the pull and push of various influences on our lives, we are most capable of successfully adapting and adjusting when we maintain our focus on that which is at the center of our being. Just like our physical core that supports the capable functioning of our bodies, we need to keep our mental and emotional strengthened, as well.

What is most valuable to you? How do you keep it strengthened and enriched? Do you make your choices and decisions based on maintaining and nurturing that core of your being?

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