Change: Falling into Place

We’re several weeks into Fall now. The leaves are turning colors and falling from the trees. The words dance through my head and my mind moves on to “change” and the phrase “falling into place.”

As a child, did you ever have one of those little dexterity puzzles where you had to move the puzzle around so you could get all the little balls to fall into the holes. If you ever tried it, you know it takes work, but also involves a bit of luck. That’s very similar to managing a change. If you want to make everything fall into place, it takes work. A bit of luck helps, too.

Have you ever heard someone say they just fell into their dream job? Serendipity may seem to have happened. However, usually people find jobs that make them happy and give them a sense of accomplishment because they have prepared and presented themselves in certain ways. They become more in tune with what they want and what they’re looking for. They also become more known for their skills, experience and attitudes. Knowing what you what and having others know your abilities and expertise helps that new job, or other change, “fall into place.”

When the change you’ve wanted happens to you, haven’t you been looking for something like that? Weren’t you doing things that made YOU relate to THAT? You were probably thinking about that change and working your way through the research, networking and decision making to make it happen. Then, voila! You find that change opportunity, or, if you’re really lucky, it finds you.

Years ago, I fell into my community through a series of unanticipated events and a new community was a lot like a puzzle maze. The paths I took and the decisions I made provided opportunities or created roadblocks. Now, after managing that little dexterity puzzle I fell into, I’ve gotten most of the balls into the holes. Things have fallen into place.

How about you? Take time to consider what has fallen into place for you and provided personal or professional satisfaction. What led you there? Remember, little things count, too! They’re the stepping stones toward the life you’d eventually like to have fall into place.

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